Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Primitive Commands of CADD

Line commands
Ø  Randomly select points
Ø  set a specific value for the snap function,
Ø  select points  using the snap spacing value
Ø  entre the coordinate value for the start & end points
Ø  use relative inputs & specify the start point
Ø   the length, the direction of line
Erase commands
Ø  Select individual lines
Ø  window a group of line
Construction line
Ø  Basic /hor/ver/ang
Circle command
Ø  To draw a circle-radius
Ø  To draw a circle-diameter
Ø  To draw a circle 2 point
Ø  to draw a circle-3point
Ø  To draw a circle-Tangent tangent radius
Ø  Quadrant-Sensitive application (TTR)
Circle centerlines
Ø  Redefine the dimcen system variable
Ø  use the centre mark option found on the dimension toolbar
Ø  To draw a polylines: Arc /close/halfwidth/length/width
Ø  To Verify that a polyline is a single entity
Ø  To draw different lines thickness.
Ø  draw a Spline: Arc /close/halfwidth/length/width, To draw different lines thickness.
Ø  To draw an ellipse- axis end,
Ø  To draw an ellipse-Centre
Ø  To draw an ellipse- arc
Ø  To draw an ellipse by defining its angle of rotation about the major axis
Ø  By point fixing method (by point fixing through mouse)
Ø   through coordinate systems (absolute ,polar, relative )
Ø  To draw a polygon –centre point
Ø   To draw a polygon-edge distance
Ø  To change the shape of a point
Ø  To change the size of a points
Ø  Including all options
Ø  To use the Dtext command
Ø  To use the text tool (mtext)
Ø  the multiline text editor dialog box options
Ø  To change the text justification
Ø  To use the Symbol option, other options
Ø  To move a line
Ø  to move a object
Ø  to move a some part of a object
Ø  To draw a Single copy of a object
Ø   To draw a multiple copies
Ø  To offset a line
Ø  To offset a object
Ø  Mirror a line
Ø  mirror a object

Saturday, May 14, 2011

CAD is an old concept

It must be noted that the term CAD is an old concept, born when the first computer drawing systems appeared and people switched from the drawing table to the computer.

A Computer Drafting technician works with designers and engineers to convert their ideas and concepts for new products and designs into accurate drawings that specify size, shape, materials and specifications. These drawings are then used by professionals in manufacturing, consulting, and construction to produce the desired product or structure. Designs are created using computer aided drafting (CAD) equipment.

It seems like every year advancements in computer technology go farther and quicker than the year before it. When I first started using CAD software all the lines had to be put in manually with commands on the keyboard. They would tell the software to create the lines starting point, length, and what angle to direction it. This process seemed to take forever compared to the way lines are created nowadays. With the CAD software available today you can perform all kinds of commands in a 3D environment. For instance, if you wanted to add a radius to a corner that has already been created, all you have to do is click the command for a fillet. It will then ask you for a dimension on the radius, and after you enter the dimension it will create a perfectly smooth and rounded corner.


LADO CAD TECHNOLOGY: TRAINING ON CADD: "The demand for CAD Engineers is increasing in industries day by day & great potential is available for the New Engineering Student in this..."


The demand for CAD Engineers is increasing in industries day by day & great potential is available for the New Engineering Student in this filed. The objective of this training programmed is to enhance the technical knowledge of Engineering Drawing as well as Machine Drawing & impart this knowledge to develop CAD drawings on CADD platform.

Training period : 60Hours

Topics to be cover in this course

ØFundamental of 2D construction with More advance commands

ØDevelopment of Engineering Curves in CADD Software

ØOrthographic views

ØIsometric views

ØSectional view


ØGeometric Tolerances

ØThreads & Fasteners

ØAssembly Drawing

ØGear ,Bearings, & Cams